Travel Adventures and places to visit in Halong Bay
Having been named the number one tourist destination in north east, Halong Bay is a place full of natural diversities. Its means the Descending Dragon Bay which originates from the myth which states that a big trench of water going into the sea was made by a giant dragon as it crawled into the sea and the trenched it left got filled with the sea water. Away from the myths, this is a place every tourist longs not just to visit but to be able to explore the many islands that are almost 2000 in number. It is also a World Heritage Site and claims 90% of Vietnam's tourists. It is undoubtedly a must visit destination for anyone in Vietnam

Going on a thrilling boat cruise is the ideal way of entertaining visitors in Halong Bay. There are some wonderful sites that have lots of adventure to offer. For instance there are many ancient caves on the islands.

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These caves are well illuminated for the sake of those visiting them. The most famous cave is the Hang Dau Co which means, Hidden Timber Cave. History tells that this cave was used by the General Tran Hung Dao to hide his sharpened instruments which he used to kill his enemies back in the 13th century.

The largest beach in Halong Bay is the Lan Ha Bay which is off coast off Cat Ba islands. It is known to have over 100 sandy strips. Visitors also frequent Titop island which is a favorite for swimmers and has some good sports facilites. Some of the sports activities in this beach include fishing, swimming and kayaking.

The finest place for a nice relaxed day should be in Tuan Chau island. It is the prettiest beach in Halong Bay and an all set place with golf clubs, resorts, a complex recreation centre and some colonial villas. In the resort there are animals like dolphins and seal lion shows for visitors to observe. There are also restaurants that offer sumptuous seafood that is not worth missing. Visitors can also indulge in some bit of luxury in Halong Bay Casino and enjoy some real Halong Bay coffee. There is also an octagonal house where president Ho Chi Minh used to stay during his visits to the place. It has become a tourist attraction site.

Near the Dinh Huong island, there are the Kissing Cocks, These are two cock like rocks standing at a height of 10 metres facing each other. They seem to be about to fall due to their tiny base but hey have held on the posture for thousands of years. Also there is eye catching Thieng Cung Grotto which has a narrow entrance but opens to a large space within it. It is a scenery of natural beautiful colors that are just good to marvel at.

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